Resources for Authors and Publishers

We've reviewed just about every publishing alternative, and we've learned a lot about the pros and cons of of the various approaches -- from self-publishing to the more traditional find-an-agent and submit-a-manuscript syndrome.

We share our insights at seminars and workshops, or on an individual basis, with new authors and prospective publishers. We also recommend a few books, articles and websites that we've found helpful.

As time permits, we will post additional information on this site, but for now, you'll have to contact us directly (via email) or read The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, by Tom and Marilyn Ross. (Be sure to get the 4th edition.) It contains plenty of useful information on self-publishing, and it's also very appropriate for authors who just want information on what to do with their work.

Also feel free to visit the website of the Independent Book Publishers Association (also known as PMA, the Publishers Marketing Association). They have a great newsletter for authors and publishers, and the archive is online FREE. Check it out.

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